What People Are Saying

“I came to John struggling with indecisiveness, lack of confidence, and overwhelm during a stagnant time in my life.  After several sessions, John helped me find the peace and clarity I needed to make choices that align with my life’s goals and keep me moving forward. “

Confidential Client – Columbus, Ohio

“I have known John Carrier for several years. When I found out he was going into coaching I was ecstatic! I have always been a big proponent of seeking help to make changes, and I was looking for a new guide. I knew he would be a great fit for me because he is always mindful, caring, and a great listener.

“However, when he mentioned he was a certified hypnotherapist, I was a bit skeptical. Like many times in my life, I was happily proven otherwise. From the very first session, I was calmer, sleeping better, and overall more relaxed.

“Working with John has helped me to become a better wife, mother, and person in general. Even my children and husband have seen a big change in me. John helped me navigated some difficult relationship issues and past trauma. I now feel much more confident in myself. We have worked through some really deep emotional points where I was psychologically stuck and I have emerged to a much better plane.

“The hypnosis component has only helped to ground me and solidify all the new neural pathways I am forming. I can not say enough great things about working with John and  highly recommended his coaching. I really just want everyone I know to experience the new peace and positive outlook that I have!”

Confidential Client – Loveland, Colorado

“The experience you have provided has changed my life. When I couldn’t find a solution to manage the stress, anxiety and depression your work and methods allowed me to find the inner strength to take control over my life once again. I am ever so grateful for your services and work. In the span of a few months I’m on cusp of a new career, a better love life, and a stronger connection with my family. Working with you has helped create mental and physical habits that have changed the person I was. 

“You gave me that bump of motivation, strength, clarity and courage when I needed it the most. I have the power now to manage intrusive and distorted thoughts when I once thought I had no control. 

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 

Confidential Client – Los Angeles, California

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